American Eagle Gold Bullion and Silver Bullion Coins

The American Eagle Gold Bullion Coin was authorized by the 1985 Bullion Coin Act and rapidly ended up becoming the globe’s leading gold coin bullions for purchase. Created from the mined gold in the USA, American Eagle Coins are printed with their face value’s legal tender and their gold content. The value of an American Eagle coin is basically based on its metal content’s market price plus a tiny premium to cover distribution and coinage.

Coins that are American Eagle utilize durable twenty-two karat standards that are established for gold coinage circulation more than three hundred and fifty years ago. These contain their amount stated in pure gold plus tiny alloy amounts. This then makes harder coins that resist marring and scratching which do tend to decrease the value of their resale. Minted to its exact standards, the front ‘obverse’ design takes its inspiration by what is considered one of the USA’s aesthetically beautiful coins which is the $20 gold piece minted from 1907-1933 celebrating Augustus Saint Gaudens.

The design on the reverse features a masculine eagle sculpted by Miley Busiek. The eagle carries a branch of an olive tree and flies above a nest that contains a feminine eagle and her eaglets. American Eagles are the only bullion coins whose purity, content and weight are guaranteed by the US Government. You as an investor can purchase these coins confidently, since you know that the coins do contain the gold that they state they do.

Aside from this, savers who are in for the long haul can include these gold coins as well as silver bullions in their individual IRA’s or their Individual Retirement Accounts. Since they were discovered five thousand years ago, gold was valued for its unmatched beauty, luster and inherent values. These days, gold enjoys appeal which is widespread as a storehouse of value and as an investment.

Recognized as financial and monetary assets internationally, both gold bullions and silver bullions are held by primary governments in their reserves. Gold is so rare that all the mined gold in the world is able to actually fit into a twenty yard by twenty yard cube. In addition, gold is an asset which is categorized as ‘tangible.’ This means that you can literally hold gold in your hands. When bought in legal tender, gold bullion coins are affordably priced and not too difficult to purchase or store.

More than any other type of gold coins, Americans tend to buy American Eagle Gold coins. Available in 4 different denominations, these gold coins are produced by the Department of Treasury’s US Mint. Everyone knows that an important investment measure is how liquid an investment is. The US Government backing this coin up indicates that just like the US dollar, American Eagle Bullions are accepted in worldwide major markets for investment.

These are also the most popularly traded American bullion coins since these let investors afford the narrower spreads that exist between sell and buy prices. Savvy investors know that more than any other time in this generation now is the time to purchase gold and silver to hedge against economic uncertainty.

It is not hard to trace the values of these American Eagles. Many primary newspapers let you know gold prices daily. The value of American Eagles depends on the current market’s price for how much metal it contains and a small premium to cover the distributions and the coinage costs.

You can buy the American Eagle Gold Coins from major precious metal dealers, participating banks and brokerages. These are minted in four different weights including one ounce, half ounce, quarter ounces and a tenth of an ounce in order to be affordable to any kind of budget.